7-8 Feb 2022

Miami Convention Center
Miami, USA

7-8 Feb 2022

Miami Convention Center

AlcheraX Inc.

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Alchera is the world leader in AI-based wildfire detection.

The most tested wildfire detection AI, FireScout, provides 24/7 day and night wildfire detection capability.

Key Features of FireScout

  • Early Detection. Alchera’s FireScout enhances the ability to expedite wildfire response by using a cloud-based,  machine vision artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect smoke from cameras in real-time. Specifically, the algorithms are trained to detect very early stages of fires by detecting smoke in the day and flame and night, or a combination of the two.

  • Real-time Alerts. FireScout’s online dashboard displays all the smoke detections in real-time, with SNS and email alerts optionally sent. FireScout alerts a person capable of taking action, ideally before a camera operator, fire lookout, or the public alert the authorities.

  • Real-time Monitoring. Responders can monitor wildfire in real-time by FireScout dashboard, reviewing the images in real-time and making the decisions to escalate to further actions.

  • Detection History. FireScout shows all past detections, categorized by camera site. Detection history allows stakeholders to review incidents for reporting and training purposes.

FireScout References

  • Pacific Gas & Electric. Successfully deployed a pilot program demonstrating FireScout's potential to reduce fire size expansion.  On August 4, 2021, PG&E’s Howell Mountain 1 camera located in Placer County and equipped with Alchera’s AI software, spotted smoke one minute before the actual fire dispatch and several minutes sooner than the manual movement of the camera. That smoke ended up becoming the River Fire. This is one example of many noted during both pilots confirming the value of early fire detection technology.

  • Sonoma County. Alchera has been providing wildfire detection systems to Sonoma County, California, USA since March 2021. In 2017, the Nuns-Tubbs-Pocket Fire destroyed 6,000 with 21 casualties, which led to Sonoma County utilizing Alchera's AI technology to detect the early stages of wildfire.

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