7-8 Feb 2022

Miami Convention Center
Miami, USA

7-8 Feb 2022

Miami Convention Center

StratoSolutions Inc

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StratoSolutions specializes in stratospheric High-Altitude Platforms (HAPS), technologies, payloads, and applications. We are a design organization with over 1,600hrs of fixed-wing and lighter than air HAPS operating experience and subject matter experts covering all core areas of design. Our products include:

HAB StratoSonde™ system:

· Miniature dropsondes.

· Ultra-lightweight dropsonde dispensing system and avionics.

· Long endurance light free-flying balloons.

Our HAPS System Engineering Consultancy include:

· HAPS performance - modeling, CONOPS & architectural design, systems integration, safety assessments, and flight approvals.

· Aerodynamics, Aerostructure, and Flight Control System (FCS) – aeroelastic modeling, structural component design, FCS implementation & flight testing.

· Power system design & integration – battery management system, solar array, propulsion system, environmental qualification, and acceptance testing.

· Avionics – datalinks, air-data & health monitoring sensors, complex electronic hardware design, embedded software design, payload integration.

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