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7-8 Feb 2022

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How Queue Management Helps Businesses During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Nobody wanted COVID-19. Nowadays we are all wearing masks, socially distant in pubs, and do not know if another limitation or lockdown is behind the corner. All this uncertainty forces the business to adapt rapidly.


Here at Leyline, we believe that every business knows their customer best and has its special needs. Our mission is to provide hardware (kiosk, displays) and software (mobile app, booking API) tools for organizing customer flows with an individual twist.

In this article, I am going to present a two-case study about our customers from different industries.

“Swedbank” – the largest retail bank in Baltics with more than 100 branches.

“Central Laboratory” – blood testing lab chain totalling 65 branches.



Swedbank serves millions of customers in more than 100 branches across three Baltic States, using Leyline for physical queue management and digital signage. Our implemented technological solutions are flexible and allow to serve Swedbank’s customers promptly, conveniently, and most importantly - safely.


Pandemic had forced customer service organizations to adapt to the general safety and governmental regulations. Our custom developed functionalities allowed Swedbank to use several branch service model solutions:

  1. Live queue and paper tickets
  2. Pre-booked meetings only
  3. A hybrid model of paper tickets and pre-booked meetings

We left the possibility to instantly switch between three service models allowing the bank to A/B test the service models branch by branch with a single click.

Central Laboratory

Central Laboratory serves thousands of patients across 65 branches daily using a queue system to organize customer flows and gather branch statistics such as visitor count and service level for their analysts.

Social distancing rules and customer visit spike during pandemic had forced laboratory to search for emergency solutions. We took our out of the box online booking module and merged it with individual service enablement time (both can be activated by a couple of clicks in the admin panel) 

From 7 am to noon branches operate in booking only mode

From noon pm to 7 pm branches can serve two flows of customers: live and pre-booked

This allowed to achieve significant results:

  • Predict customer flow by introducing booking
  • Reduce the branch load
  • Make staffing decisions based on statistics 



Pandemic had shown us that ability to adapt is important as ever before. Together will come out of it alive, different, and much stronger. Stay brave, stay agile, embrace the change!

Sergejy Gordejev

Chief Revenue Officer