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The Benefits of In-House Production with Retail Installation

Supported by strong workforce of 70 skilled craftsmen, we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations for the refit and/or installation of retail units, where our production capability spans joinery, metal working, finishing and upholstery. 


That said, what are the key benefits to working with retail installation providers or shop fitters with its own in-house production Vs those that don’t? 


Complete End-to-End Solution

Many shop fitters or retail installation providers outsource key parts of the project to external labourers, be that the manufacture and production of unit fixtures or the actual installation and assembly process. 


In working with a retail installation provider that has its own in-house production facility, you will benefit from a complete end-to-end solution, where each stage of the refit or installation project is delivered by the same workforce, providing a consistent standard of design, development, production and installation, therefore guaranteeing complete peace of mind. 


Quick Turnaround 

The key benefit of working with a firm that designs, develops, manufactures and installs an entire retail fit project is its capability to deliver a fast and efficient turnaround.


Instead of waiting for external contractors to be able to commence installation or being reliant on fixtures being developed and manufactured overseas, working with a shop fitting firm with its very own in-house production facility assures complete control over the entire process. This means the refit or refurbishment can be completed within the agreed timeframe, without comprising on quality.


Save Costs

It is commonplace for shop fitters and retail installation providers to use third parties for the production and manufacturing of all fixtures. Aside from an additional cost margin, this means that you as the end customer are not working closely with the business responsible for the creation of the new interiors. 


By choosing to work with a retail installation provider that boasts its own in-house production facility, you cut out the ‘middleman’ and work directly with those in charge of the entire project, meaning any changes to the interior design can be communicated effectively and you as the end client save cost on the margin initially introduced by the ‘client facing’ organisation. 


At Hast Retail UK, we work hard to develop long-term relationships with our clients and ensure all installation and assembly projects are completed on time, within budget and with seamless implementation and delivery. 

To find out more about our full turnkey service offering, please contact a member of our team today here.