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From Poland with love: Sparta Loyalty and BRIJU

From Poland with love: Sparta Loyalty and BRIJU


In the central regions of Europe, at the very heart of the geographical map, Poland has become quite a robust and thriving economy in the last 30 years. With its difficult history well in the past, Poland’s economic prowess has become highly sought after in various industries, which have been chiefly focused on agriculture and manufacturing. But little do people know that Poland is currently one of the largest IT startup hubs in all of Europe, with some companies taking the lead in various sectors. One of the companies that are taking the charge and leading in the digital loyalty program sector is Sparta Loyalty and their current and foremost loyalty program: BRIJU - Wiecej Blasku (BWB)

One of Sparta Loyalty’s main clients is the respectable Polish company and esteemed jewellery brand - BRIJU - which has been a staple within the Polish market since 1920. They are known across Poland for selling high-quality bespoke wedding rings and engagement rings but also specialize in a full complement of other bijouteries. Due to the vast availability of models on offer, BRIJU customers are individuals who are interested in a variety of products and models, keeping up with the current trends, but also paying respect to grounded classics.  

One of BRIJU’s accomplishments is that it maintains a strong level of communication with its customers, listening to their opinions and tending to their needs. This is evidently seen in BRIJU’s high-end appearance of its stores, actively having a dialogue with its customers via the mediums of social media, mailing lists, SMS communications and adhering to an up to date catalogue/promotional-seasonal sales. It also can not be understated that the high quality of customer service was highlighted in the 2018 ranking of jewellery stores across Poland.

So what were the challenges BRIJU was facing prior to joining Sparta Loyalty and implementing a rewards program? How else could BRIJU truly improve their already outstanding resume and performance as one of Poland’s best functioning jewellery brands? 


Goals for the implementation of BWB loyalty program

As follows:

  1.   A better understanding of customers and their purchasing behaviour
  2.   Additional complementary sales of products on top of existing purchases 
  3.   Strengthening communication, indirect and directly 
  4.   Data analysis - gathering sales figures and trends to be able to maximize uses within the loyalty program
  5.   Most importantly - increasing the company’s sales and market share

But why? What was the most important reason to start the loyalty program? 

“The most fundamental matter for us is the trust and respect of our clients” As Daniel Górny - Digital Marketing Specialist emphasizes, - “BRIJU is a brand that reaches out to our clients in the most intimate moments of their lives - weddings, birthday’s, celebrations etc.” The implementation of Sparta Loyalty was an opportunity to even further that experience and create other avenues for the customer.

We definitely wanted to operate in a hybrid manner - on the one hand, a well-implemented loyalty program allows for even more effective management of the discount policies and creating a forward-looking customer relationship management (CRM) strategy, and on the other hand - it is a marketing argument for us. I always emphasize that the BWB program is a specific product and value that the customer receives from us free of charge"

As a result of all of this, the initiation of a loyalty program is an ever increasingly important factor of the brand entity.

Our initiatives for strengthening relationships with clients

Sparta Loyalty’s initial focus was on a points-based program. The rationale was that for every point being earned the customer would be rewarded in the form of a specific discount. This would be achieved by making purchases and by completing various surveys relating to customer experience or product satisfaction. These two factors in themselves are great sources of information relative to each other, but working together synergistically allows BRIJU to gain a better understanding of its target market. 

The mutual benefits of a loyalty program for both parties are not to be underestimated. Not only does the program allow for insight into sales trends and customer preferences, but it also creates a medium in which you are able to directly communicate with your customer and improve their overall experience. This can be achieved through creating an easy exchange/returns protocol, receiving specialized offers tailored to a specific customer, receiving personalized communications or surprises (i.e birthdays/ anniversaries) and receiving information about special campaigns. The program also provides an avenue for the customer to have direct interactions with the brand itself by being able to share opinions on their purchases overall.

By using a digital platform, namely a mobile application, facilitated increasing the joining and involvement of our customer base. In our current times, a digital loyalty program is one of the best solutions in regards to it being easily accessible. This allows the customer to check how many points they have instantly, facilitate contact with the brand and most importantly, check for any offers or rewards that are available. Not to mention it is a far greener alternative to using cards or potentially environmentally unfriendly products.  

“It was necessary to create clearly defined goals for the program, and thanks to the expertise and consulting assistance of Sparta Loyalty, we were able to jointly develop ways to implement them on the various facets of IT, business and marketing levels. In fact, the implementation of the program involved preparing the organization to operate in the reality of constant change. Thanks to the available tools, we are able to react very dynamically to all market impulses, which gives us an advantage - especially in the context of the realities of running a business during a pandemic”. Daniel Górny adds.

What effects did the program bring thus far?

Daniel Górny - Representative of BRIJU explains:

“The program has undoubtedly been (and continues to be!) a huge success. Customers partaking in the BWB program are undoubtedly at the core of our business. We can see that participation in BWB gives our customers a number of benefits - both guaranteed and ad-hoc (this via the means of surprises or gratuities for specific customer activities). Already, in a particular sales period, we have seen that the amount of customers that are a part of our BWB loyalty program exceeds 50%. With these types of results and customer satisfaction, it means that we are going to be investing more and more resources in the loyalty program itself.

Due to the implementation of the BWB loyalty program and using consistent sales management strategies we can elevate key performance indicators (KPI’s) which in turn create an overall increase in sales, average receipt value and most important customer retention or customer lifetime value (CLV).”

We can see that the loyalty program is an ever-developing and evolving process with many factors influencing its success. 

When discussing the effectiveness of a loyalty program the possibilities for more growth are endless, not to mention the possibilities it offers in everyday work. 

“Thanks to the implementation of the BWB program we can see it is a great tool for communicating with our customers. With this in mind, we can see that they are always kept up to date with our current product offers and discount policies. The communication capabilities of the program also helped us in our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) activities - a prime example of this is informing our clients about the basic protocols about health and safety in our showrooms during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

In Poland, Sparta Loyalty supports brands such as Lotos, InPost, The Body Shop, Taranko, New Balance and in Ukraine, Fishka. 

Sparta Loyalty has all caught the attention of other companies in other countries such as Germany, Switzerland and the UK which are also interested in the company's loyalty program platform.

The Sparta Loyalty Platform is a platform that increases sales and also allows you to build individual relationships with customers. The participants of the loyalty programs through the platform overall have a high level of satisfaction due to the involved customer experience and ease of use. The programs enable the dynamic development of the customer base and have a positive effect on the attractiveness of the offers addressed to both customers and businesses. This in turn translates into a positive image of the company, increasing its market share, regardless of which industry you are a part of.

So what are you waiting for? Maybe it’s time for your company to take the next step with Sparta Loyalty