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7-8 Feb 2022

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Startups Magazine Introduction

Startups Magazine is a print and digital publication which champions tech startups - the entrepreneurial heroes disrupting industries and the creators’ challenging norms and breaking boundaries. 

In print and online, the Startups Magazine team works hard to deliver unique content to startups providing valuable insights from industry experts, advice on business fundamentals and most importantly - a platform to introduce tech startups to the world stage.

Subscribers of the publication have access to so much! You can read gold-dust content from experts, receive upcoming issues, be the first to be invites to events and can have their own startup featured editorially!

Alongside the magazine, Startup Magazines has a podcast series, the Cereal Entrepreneur, will cover several aspects, including talking to technology startups themselves, to get their stories and journeys out there to the world, as well as talking to industry experts who can shed light and give advice in a number of areas that startups will go through. 

With our first series being based on the current climate focused on tech startups themselves that have adapted their businesses and they are now helping in the COVID-19 crisis in one way or another. Our second series is all about women in business and our third all about review and roadmap of the year we had in 2020 and how this may change in the future. 

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