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7-8 Feb 2022

Miami Convention Center

First Response Platform: Access to modern threat intelligence just got a whole lot better.

This blog was written and provided by iluminr


The iluminr team had the wonderful opportunity to showcase our flagship product, iluminr – the
first- response platform that helps people build preparedness, detect threats, send emergency
notifications and coordinate a faster response to any disaster.

Event visitors were taken through our threat dashboard, containing exciting new threat feeds that
were released in time for the Natural Disasters Expo. These included US power outages, severe
winter weather, and live flood reporting. The response from visitors was overwhelming – with many
signing up to our freemium product to access these feeds, plus a bucket load more!

With credible threat data feeding through to iluminr from agencies such as NOAA, USGS, IRWIN, and
utility providers nationwide, visitors were certainly interested in how the platform would place them
in a better position to build engagement in resiliency – within the community and across their

If you’re interested in getting ahead of events sooner and consolidating your screens into the ultimate
threat dashboard, you can do so with iluminr. Free, forever. Get started here!

We want to give a huge Thank You! to iluminr for participating in our launch of The Natural Disasters Expo in Miami!

Be on the lookout for more information about the next Natural Disasters Expo in Anaheim, CA this year!