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7-8 Feb 2022

Miami Convention Center

The Morgan Law Group: Meet the Property Damage Insurance Claim Heros

This blog was written and provided by The Morgan Law Group

The Morgan Law Group was thrilled to be a part of the first Natural Disaster Expo held in Miami Beach, from February 7th - 8th, 2022. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and met our team.

Our firm is specialized in the area of representing homeowners and business owners regarding their property damage insurance claims. With over millions of dollars recovered for our clients, our attorneys have extensive experience handling all types of property damage claims such as hurricanes, fires, tornado damage, and more.

If You Have a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy, You Need to Read This…

Insurance coverage is designed to give home, condo, and business owners peace of mind when unexpected disasters strike your property. No one pays for insurance coverage and considers the possibility that the carrier will refuse to pay for property damage from hurricanes, fires or tornados.

The reality is, an average of 200 million claims are rejected by insurance companies across the country each year. Policyholders with legitimate claims are denied every day, for varying reasons that seem incomprehensible to those who are counting on coverage to protect their losses.

Some common reasons insurance companies deny claims can include, but are not limited to:

• Incomplete or harmful statements: Sometimes, policyholders can provide a statement to the insurance company that may complicate the recovery process, including providing an incomplete account of how, when, and why the damage occurred
• Lack of documentation: Insurance companies require a record of all damages, including pictures or videos of how, when, and what damages occurred. When they do not receive significant proof, they may deny your claim
• Damaged materials were discarded: Damages of any kind must be backed up with proof that the damage occurred. If you have thrown out damaged materials or evidence of the harm that was caused, they may deny your claim.

This is why it is best to partner with an attorney or other professional that is trained and skilled in this area. Insurance claims lawyers will fully review your policy and your denial letter, which should include the reasons for denying your claim.

Insurance claims attorneys are skilled negotiators who can reopen your claim to pursue the best results available for your unique circumstances. If negotiations break down at any point, the claim can be litigated inside the courtroom.

In addition, there are crucial steps you can take now to try to prevent a denied claim, especially before the Atlantic Hurricane Season begins:

#1: Take Detailed Photos/Videos of Your Property and Valuables so you can present before & after photos to your insurance company, increasing your payout

#2: Check for Pre-Existing Damage as it is important to repair these damages to ensure further destruction does not occur, should disaster strike

#3: Prepare a Pre-loss Inventory of Your Home and Valuables to have proof of what may become damaged during a storm

#4: Make Sure to Store Pre-loss Inventory & Photos in a Secure Location
• If you have a paper copy, make sure it is stored in a waterproof location
• Make sure to have a back up digital copy as well

#5 Review Your Insurance Policy to determine what exactly is covered
• If you need help reviewing your policy, our attorneys can look over it free of charge to ensure you and your family are ready.

#6: Map out a Few Evacuation Routes & Back Up Plans Should You Need to Leave

• Protect yourself and family with a Family Emergency Plan - [PDF]
• Be sure to plan for locations away from home
• Business owners and site locations should create Workplace Plans
• Pet owners should have plans to care for their animals
• Prepare your boat and be aware of marine safety if you are on or near the water.
• Review the FEMA Evacuation Guidelines to allow for enough time to pack and inform friends and family if you need to leave your home.

#7 Gather Information About Your Home & Community

• Know if you live in an evacuation area
• Assess your risks and know your home's vulnerability to storm damage, wind damage, fire damage or flooding
• Keep a list of contact information for reference
• Understand National Weather Service forecast products and especially the meaning of NWS watches and warnings

At The Morgan Law Group, we have offices in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Puerto Rico to assist policyholders through every step of the storm and your insurance claim.

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We want to give a huge Thank You! to The Morgan Law Group for participating in our launch of The Natural Disasters Expo in Miami!

Be on the lookout for more information about the next Natural Disasters Expo in Anaheim, CA this year!