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1-2 Mar 2023

Miami Convention Center

Elkhart, Indiana—Third Generation Family Business Continues To Grow; responding to consumer demands.

Recreation by Design, a third-generation family run business, nestled next to a railroad yard in Elkhart  County, has withstood economic challenges since it opened in 1980. Part of the success strategy has  been the ability to quickly adapt, responding to what the consumers are demanding. 

Recreation by Design, better known as RBD, has carved out niches in the entertainment and amusement  industries. And when general lifestyles began to change in 2020 requiring new products to fit those  changes, RBD responded by launching Baypoint & Navigation, two very successful trailers that have  allowed people to work and live remotely. 

“We’ve been blessed to have a great team that has stayed in touch with economic trends and consumer  demands. People want more freedom, more flexibility in how they work, how they live. And we’ve been  flexible right with them” says Andrew Rush, 3rd generation family leader. Recently consumer needs have  changed once again. 

Rush added, “over the last couple of years, there has been a growth in demand for individual and group  bunk housing to serve needs in the natural disaster environment and the growth of border population.  The government and the businesses that serve the government agencies are seeking housing solutions.”  As an answer to the growing needs, RBD launched Workforce by RBD, a line exclusively designed to  meet the needs of this growing market. 

“We’ve been building suite or quad style bunks for a while. And now we’ve pivoted to account for  individual sleeping, individual freedoms. Our bunks provide solutions with plenty of connectivity along  with individual heating and air conditioning. We want people to feel comfortable, whether they’re  working to restore a community from a natural disaster or waiting to complete immigration process.” 

For more information about RBD and its keys to success despite economic challenges, contact, Bob  Earley at 574.971.2451;