1-2 Mar 2023

Miami Convention Center
Miami, USA

1-2 Mar 2023

Miami Convention Center

Dick Pilotte: Speaking at the Meteorology Tech Expo

Dick Pilotte

SWAT Manager  -  Rain for Rent

Properly preparing your city or facility for Flood Events

Rain for Rent’s a leading provider of temporary liquid handling solutions specializing in extreme weather events. Our team is your partner for engineering and operational excellence providing services to deliver, install, and operate systems.

Rain for Rent uses weather forecasting tools to pre-position assets and identifies potential problem areas subject to flooding like tunnels, lift stations, low areas, etc.

Rain for Rent tackles complex jobs safely and cost effectively.

Main Points:
Forecasting events to position assets/equipment prior to the event.
Prior to Storm events – How to determine problem areas such as tunnels, low areas, lift stations, Canals, and bayous.
How to choose a partner with engineering and operational experience.
What you need to do to keep you project and people safe.
How to identify the proper team to deliver, install, and operate a system during pre and post flood event.

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