1-2 Mar 2023

Miami Convention Center
Miami, USA

1-2 Mar 2023

Miami Convention Center

Gabrielle Benigni: Speaking at the Meteorology Tech Expo

Gabrielle Benigni

President & Owner  -  Disaster Program and Operations, Inc DBA Xact Recovery Inc.

Improve Response & Recovery Efficiency

Improve Response & Recovery Efficiency; Maintain FEMA compliance & Obtain Reimbursement & Streamline,
Operations pre and post event using Web and Mobile apps.

Disaster strikes & Utilities focus on getting services restored AT ANY COST, BUT do not maintain or track the “FEMA Required Intricate Details “of Emergency Repairs, Mutual Aid Crews & Crew Work Task locations and cost during the critical restoration.

FEMA requirements have become much more stringent for emergency repairs & require Pre-Disaster Assets Status and costs details with massive amounts of “audited” back up documentation. Most Public Power Utilities use various software systems & manual methods which work great for Normal-Every day Operations such as: Materials Management, Asset Management, Work Orders, Mapping, Payroll and Financial reporting. However, for Utilities seeking FEMA Disaster Reimbursement, these systems are inefficient and don’t produce the FEMA required detailed documentation of disaster recovery costs.

Disaster Data exists in separate departments, on whiteboard notes, loose paper, hand prepared maps, & note pads and critical documentation is missing, lost or damaged. We will demonstrate Two case studies using Existing Manual data gathering methods post -disaster vs New technical mobile and web- based solutions which significantly Decrease Disaster Recovery Time and Costs, Increase Response Efficiency, and prevent delays/denials of FEMA Reimbursement

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